30 days

Test MS Office 2010

The test MS Office 2010 consists of the tests MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook and MS PowerPoint and is ideally suited to determine the level of employees who use Office 2010 at work.

The test Office 2010 is divided into four tests and contains approximately 180 questions of which about 22 are used per test. The tests include multiple choice and hotspot questions. If you purchase the Office 2010 test you can adjust it to your needs. Because the questions are randomized, the test may also be used as a final test!

By performing an assessment first, you can effectively and efficiently train your employees. An assessment can ensure that your training budget is spent better and can lead to a responsible saving of direct and indirect training costs!

You need a Test IT license in order to use the MS Office 2010 test. No license yet? Purchase it and start using the test today!