30 days

Benefits of Test IT

For your organization

  • NEW: Test IT add-on for Microsoft Excel, with a radar diagram!
  • Save up to 50% on direct and indirect training costs
  • Online. No LMS, no installation
  • Measuring knowledge and skills objectively
  • Instant view of the test results at both individual and organizational level
  • Fast and flexible deployment
  • Custom look & feel with your own logo and background
  • Low costs per test. Costs depend on usage.
Benefits for your organization

For the developer

  • One tool to test, train and evaluate
  • No technical knowledge required to work with the software
  • Develop and publish tests and evaluations quickly
  • Custom parameters per module
  • Manage modules easily
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Support through workshops and trainings possible
Benefits for the developer

For the participant

  • Test can be taken through PC, iPad or Android tablets
  • Uncluttered navigation structure
  • No complicated login procedures or passwords, just a link
  • Possible to do the test at any location at any time
  • View the test results immediately
  • Modern design
  • Effective and efficient training
Benefits for the participant

Features of Test IT

Consistency and a good structure begins with the development. In Test IT, the interface and the basic operations are consistent throughout the entire tool. This makes Test IT easy to use and understand.

Thanks to a consistent and logical layout of the interface, candidates can navigate intuitively through any module.

Test IT 4.0 contains the following functionalities:

Creating of tests, intakes or evaluations

  • Simple design of structure
  • Creating, modifying and changing the sequence of categories within modules
  • Number of questions per category adjustable
  • Randomizing questions
  • Randomizing the position of the correct answer when creating multiple choice questions
  • Custom feedback for wrong answers

Tests of participants

  • Inviting participants by mail with a single link
  • No login procedure required
  • Logical interface and navigation


  • Automatic individual test results by mail
  • Real time view of knowledge level of individual, department or organization
  • Real time view also possible on category level