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What is Test IT?

Test IT is a program that can be used to develop tests, intakes, online training, assessments, evaluations and surveys.
Test IT is offered as an online service. With Test IT it is possible to quickly create tests and training without technical knowledge. Test IT is also particularly suitable for creating tests for ICT applications.

Once you have created a test you can invite the participants simply by mail. Your participants can then do the test without cumbersome login procedures. Quick and easy!


Test analyse en reports

With Test IT it is very easy to determine the knowledge and skills at organizational level. The test data is automatically stored online and is at your fingertips always and everywhere. Test IT is an ideal program for measuring knowledge and skills which enables you as an organization to train effectively and efficiently.

With a user-friendly reporting engine you are able to analyze all test data at individual or group level, and report them in Excel or PDF format.


Certificate engine

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It is also possible to give out a certificate upon completion of a test. The standard, such as the minimum result, is set by the organization itself. The certificate engine makes it possible to give a different certificate per test.

You can have your own certificate at an additional charge. This way you can give more weight to an intake or test, or even create your own exams!